Gedeck - a simple RSVP app for Django

I’ve recently had the need for a simple system to manage RSVPs for my wedding. I shunned the traditional method of posting printed invites and manually totting up RSVPs, primarily because I didn’t trust the post to deliver & return the invites without losing at least one, and secondly, because it seemed far to much like hard work.

Gedeck Screenshot

So it seemed it would be easier to manage online, and given that this must be a fairly common request, I expected to find a whole host of services to help me out. As it turns out there really isn’t much to choose from. There are software tools to “manage your wedding” or “build a website for your wedding” etc, etc.. but I found little that would just simply send/receive RSVPs.

So I put together a little Django app, called “Gedeck” (German for “Place setting” / “Cover”). It’s a small app that allows you to manage a RSVP/invitation type process like the following:

Invite -> RSVP or Decline -> (optionally) Select X Preference

It’s intended really for an ‘event’ of some description but could conceivably be used for anything with a similar flow.

One requirement that I needed was for it to be able to have multiple guests on the same invite. This is typically how a printed invite would work but the digital alternatives I found were generally inviting individuals. With Gedeck you can attach one or many people to an invite (such as a family) and then one or all can manage their RSVP/preferences.

It can be trivially setup on an existing Django app or used standalone. I used it hooked up to a stock Django install (v1.6) and deployed on Heroku.

The process has been so much easier than dealing with post going back & forth and means the guest list and menu selections are already in a digital form for the venue.