One of the problems I’ve had with blogging in the past has been getting on with whatever platform I’ve chosen. I spend a lot of time recommending different web software to people/businesses so it should be an easy task - but it’s quite difficult to self-prescribe.

So this time around I have gone for something as simple as possible, no framework (as such), no database, no fancy themes etc.

The site is built with Jekyll, a static site generator, which is powered and hosted by github. All posts are in markdown format which is written using IA Writer, with YAML Front Matter to handle meta data.

CSS is run through SCSS and HTML5 fills in the gaps.

It’s incredibly basic but fits in perfectly with my normal workflow, which generally revolves around Git or another version control system. I’m hoping the simplicity reduces some of the friction that I find with some other tools.

The whole site is available though github and all source code is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.